You can now gift yourself countless affordable massages

Take a moment and think about it. As you sit here, scrolling through your phone or working on your laptop, does your neck hurt? Are your shoulders tense? Do you have any general muscle pain? For many people, the answer is a resounding yes.

Of course, the problem is that a massage to work out those muscle kinks and indulge in pain relief is often ridiculously expensive. It's tough to shell out so much money for a temporary fix. However, there is a budget option to soothe your body that you can access whenever you need: the TRAKK BEAST Muscle Massage Gun.

The TRAKK BEAST Muscle Massage Gun allows you to give yourself your own deep-tissue massage — no massage therapy license required. It offers six different speed choices so you can actually choose the intensity of your massage and it makes it easy to reach anywhere on your body that may need some relief. In fact, it comes with four interchangeable heads, all formatted to target a specific group of muscles.

We don't just love this massage gun because of what it can do. The design also makes it easy and comfortable to use. It has a silent motor, so it's not awkwardly loud, and it's designed to be ergonomic with a sweat-proof handle, so it feels pleasant and secure to hold it.

On the Home Tester Club website, reviewers call it "awesome," "great for after a workout," and "easy to operate." One user raves, "This massage gun does a quiet and very efficient job of deep muscle massaging."

Already affordable, the TRAKK BEAST is now available for $49.99, 28% off its usual price for $69. Once you have it, you can access the relief of a deep-tissue massage at any time.

Prices subject to change.