Wanna learn to talk like Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys?

Is there an accent that's more imitable than the British one? As an American, I'm sure that children equally mimic my accent all around the globe whenever they wish to embody a privileged "wanker." Regardless, my question remains the same; is there any accent as cool as the British accent. When I first became obsessed with Doctor WhoPeep Show, and British rock, I spent about a year trying to affect a passable British accent to fairly decent success. Hell, I once convinced a British girl that I was a fellow countryman until she started asking me about those pesky specifics. "You're from Essex," she said, "Me too! Whereabouts?" 

"Oh, you know," I said, "near the school." 

The sophisticated members of the audience are probably saying, "sure, the British accent is awesome, but which one do you mean? There are several." That's a fair observation. Since there are a ton to choose from, I want to highlight one of my favorite variants by way of Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys.