Baseball fan caught a live raccoon at the stadium with his bare hands

On Friday in Fayetteville, Arkansas's Baum-Walker Stadium, a commotion erupted that was unrelated to the Arkansas-Vanderbilt baseball game being played. A raccoon was scurrying around the stands. Eventually, the critter made its way to the feet of fan Grant Harmon so he reached down and grabbed it. From Yahoo! Sports:

A self-described "avid outdoorsman" who loves to hunt and fish, Harmon has a lot of family in the Mulberry/Ozark area about an hour south of Fayetteville, which is where most of his outdoor experiences came from.

"It was definitely a first for me, but I mean, it wasn't anything I was afraid of necessarily," Harmon said. "Raccoon hunting is not an uncommon thing in my family and friends. It was definitely something I was roughly familiar with, just maybe not in that exact sense."

Harmon triumphantly lifted the raccoon up to the crowd — during which it turned its head and bit him in the hand[…]

He carried the raccoon out of the stadium but before returning to his seat, medics apparently urged him to seek attention for the bite at a hospital. He ended up with a rabies shot.

"The rabies shot was not any fun," Harmon said. "They had to put it right into my hand, like between my fingers, so that was not very pleasant, I will say. … The bite itself was not terrible at all, but the rabies shot, it has got my hand extra stiff this afternoon."

(Thanks, Rick Pescovitz!)

image: Eric Isselee/