This powerful electric toothbrush can last up to 28 days on one charge

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Are you searching for a premium toothbrush? Then you might want to upgrade to an electric toothbrush. For one, they're a whole lot better at fighting nasty grime like food particles and plaque, and they can give your gums a soothing massage while you're at it. 

But here's the thing. Electric toothbrushes are a dime a dozen these days, so how will you know if the one you purchase will clean those pearly whites the way it was meant to? Evowera thinks it has the answer with the Planck O1, a smart toothbrush with a servo motor that cleans at 42,000 RPM.

Not only mighty in frequency, the Planck O1 can also adapt to how you want to brush. With five optimal modes — Clean, Comfort, White, Sensitive, and Therapy — you can tailor your brushing experience to your oral sensitivity level and leave the sink with a refreshing feeling every time. 

Elevate your experience a step further with the full-color built-in digital screen, which guides you on how to cover all areas of your mouth adequately, just as a professional dentist would. You even can keep track of your oral cleaning by recording your information on the Evowera app. In addition, the set comes with two replacement brushes, a charging cable and wireless dock, a power adapter, and an instruction manual. 

The best feature of the Planck O1 toothbrush is undoubtedly its battery life. No one likes charging their toothbrush while traveling, praying that the battery doesn't die. So, you may be pleased to find that the Planck O1 can last an entire 28 days on one charge, and that's with just 3.5 hours of wireless charging. 

Upgrade your brushing experience and improve your oral hygiene with the Planck O1 Smart Adaptive Sonic Electric Toothbrush, which is only $179.99 and worth the lifelong investment. 

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