Meet a man who quit his job to make marbles

Last year, Hunter Read, 23, was making $12 hour working in a Home Depot parking lot. Then he decided to quit and follow his curiosity about glass art. And now? Read is a professional marble maker. See his astounding creations below. From Marketplace:

Today, Read is making more money than he did at Home Depot. But he has new expenses. For instance, he got tired of working from his backyard, so he rented a studio. 

He's working 60, sometimes 70 hours a week. And his body hurts. He gets shoulder pain from all the repetitive sweeping motions on the wheel. He also designs his marbles to be viewed with one eye closed.

"You couldn't stop me from doing this if you tried, " he said. "Like, the bombs could drop tomorrow, whatever, and me and two cockroaches — I'd be trying to show them my marbles."

It's been a year since Read quit. And he has started to get into glassblowing too, to make the marbles that he later cuts into diamond shapes.

Check out Read's creations on his Instagram profile: @FarOutFacets

thumbnail image: FuzzBones/Shutterstock