Enjoy this marble race

I ended up supporting a particular marble, emotionally investing in its success, then being sickeningly disappointed upon its inevitable defeat, by a different marble. They call this "Marbula One" racing, with a marble rally series to go with it. Read the rest

Watch these thrilling underwater marble races

The MarbleLympics dodecathlon just concluded, but the real excitement came in the 11th round, an underwater marble race that encompassed the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Read the rest

Watch this marvelous mini golf marble machine

After 22 episodes, Ben Tardif has completed his masterful mini golf marble run, and it was worth the wait. Read the rest

Watch this delightful handmade 3-minute marble run

YouTuber Murmiland, aka Ortwin Grüttner, created this one-of-a-kind rafting-themed marble run that takes nearly 3 minutes from start to finish. Follow one yellow marble in a sea of green glass marbles as they cascade down the carved wooden path. Lots of nifty little features. Read the rest

Watch this terrific Rube Goldberg magnet-and-marble tabletop demo

Kaplamino made this delightful Rube Goldberg-esque demo using magnets and steel balls.

Read the rest

Watch an insane marble machine with 11,000 marbles

Jelle Knikkers makes incredible "Marble Machines and Rolling Ball Sculptures" including this one containing 11,000 marbles rolling down four paths. Called the "Marble Tsunami," it's located in the indoor playground Monkey Town in Gouda, The Netherlands. The Marble Master

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Man has marble addiction

A 72-year-old gent has been fascinated with marbles for 60 years. Each of the 1500 marbles he owns has a label and a place to keep it.

(Thanks, Mathhew!) Read the rest