Watch the first trailer for Warner Brothers Multiversus

When news of a Warner Brothers-based Smash Bros clone first hit the net, the idea sounded pretty awful. Many wondered how the diverse cast of characters, including Gandalf, Superman, and Bugs Bunny, to name a few, would coexist. However, it was impossible to ignore the strategic brilliance of the announcement on WB's end, considering that Smash Bros Ultimate was in the process of discontinuing support for the best-selling fighting game of all time. Even though it was obvious that fans of Smash Bros Ultimate would undoubtedly continue to play the game long after Nintendo withdrew support, it was still possible for other studios to step up and fill the power vacuum.

Whether Multiversus will achieve the same success as Smash Bros remains to be seen, but the game seems to be off to a great start judging by the first trailer. In the trailer featured above, Warner Brothers' Multiversus displays a portion of its impressive roster.