Check out the Honest Trailer for Moon Knight

Marvel's phase four has been a little messy if we're being honest. Unlike the intentional and meticulous build-up to Thanos throughout the various stages of the Infinity Saga, Marvel has failed to effectively build up their next big bad: Kang, the conqueror. Running parallel to how shoddily their establishing Kang, the multiverse subplot that the MCU is betting the proverbial farm on is wildly convoluted and already becoming a little tedious. And while these complaints may be subjective, the 82% drop off Doctor Strange 2 had in its second week shows that Marvel is struggling right now. 

However, there a still a few bright spots in the MCU's catalog of new entries, and Moon Knight is one of them. The Disney + original series didn't exactly capture Moon Knight's comic book essence, but the show was a decently realized adaption of the source material. Even though Moon Knight hits far more often than it misses, that doesn't mean it's exempt from the brutally hilarious assessments made by the folks at Honest Trailers.