Star Wars: Acolyte trailer looks fantastic

Disney has released a trailer for the long-awaited Star Wars: Acolyte. The show streams in early June.

This Star Wars adventure looks to be aimed at adults. It takes the story back to the High Republic and is rumored to tell of the re-emergence of a long-thought-extinct Sith. Seeming more in the dark spirit of Andor and less the family-friendly Mando and Grogu, Disney continues to ensure Star Wars has stuff for everyone.

"Vernestra Rwoh opening a door might be my favorite part of the trailer," showrunner Leslye Headland tells "It's like 'What's up? Listen, I haven't opened a door in 100 years,'" Headlands says with a laugh.

The mystery-thriller, which debuts June 4 on Disney+, upends the typical Jedi hero tale for a story focused on the dark side disrupting a Jedi Order in its prime. And Headland can't wait to show us more.

The creator of the newest Star Wars live-action series first discovered the galaxy far, far away as a teenager watching the Special Editions on the big screen and immersing herself in the expanded universe of books, like Timothy Zahn's Heir to the Empire. "I think it just meant so much to me because it was a place to live, a place to escape to," Headland says. "Not just the media, but…George [Lucas] had given you enough signposts that it's almost like Narnia. You could just go [into the Star Wars galaxy] and live there. And then you just have to come out of the wardrobe at some point and go to class."


The Wookie looks very cool.

Image: YouTube