HS Principal schools Florida Republican over math textbook ban

Republican congressman Byron Donalds of Florida got a bold lesson about math being math, even if it makes him uncomfortable, at a hearing over Flordia's notorious math textbook ban.

The one question we've all become familiar with, regarding a racial bias survey, was once again brought up, but this time former HS Principal James Whitfield explained why questions like this are what learning is all about.


"Do we agree that racial prejudice exists?" said Whitfield, who is also Black. "Is there math in this textbook? Is disseminating a bar graph part of a student learning math? It just so happens, sir — I would dare say they are learning math skills. It just so happens, again, this may be something that certain people view as uncomfortable, but racial prejudice is a real thing, and I dare say our students get that. They understand that."

"So to say that just because something says something about bias or racial prejudice," Whitfield added, "we can't just remove that because we're trying to talk about something that can make some people feel uncomfortable, and I dare say, if people feel uncomfortable, oftentimes there's a reason for that, and maybe that's what's needed to move forward."

Image: Screen grab