Uncover your cat's genetic mysteries with this affordable, at-home test

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Cats are such mysterious and complex creatures, aren't they? Dogs feel easy to crack as pets. But with cats, it can be unclear what is going on underneath those big, glassy eyes. We can't transform you into a feline mind reader or tell you your furry friend's exact likes and dislikes. But we can help you unpeel the layers of your cat to understand them better.

All you need is Basepaws Breed + Health DNA Test. Featured in WIREDGlamourBuzzFeedFortuneEllen's List, and Shark Tank, this simple and affordable at-home test gives you a window into your cat's soul (well, sort of). By collecting your cat's DNA sample and sending it to Basepaws, you receive a report that tells you all kinds of need-to-know info about your cat. 

Learn about your cat's origins, what kind of breed it is, and how similar its genome is to wild cats like leopards, cheetahs, tigers, and lions. This can help you better understand your cat's behavior. You also get a deeper look into your cat's general health, so you can be prepared for any health issues that may pop up. Basepaws sends risk scores for common dental conditions, personalized health recommendations, and a look at genetic markers so you can see your cat's carrier status and predisposition to several feline diseases. Basically, this kit is a cat lover's dream.

It's easy to use too. First, you create an account on the site to activate your kit once it arrives. Then you gently swab the inside of their cheek. (Don't worry — it doesn't hurt them!) Then, send the DNA sample you collected to the Basepaws lab, free of shipping, of course. Within four to six weeks, you'll get an email detailing your comprehensive results.

Reviewers on Google gave this test 4.5 stars, with one user saying "The thorough report is very easy to read, the information was clear and concise. The information on healthcare and wellness is both extensive and very beneficial; especially for first time cat owners."

The Basepaws Breed + Health DNA Test is now more affordable than ever. Originally priced at $159, use coupon code PAWS15 at checkout, you can get the kit for $99.

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