Teach yourself how to play guitar with the Jamstik trainer

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Has learning how to play the guitar been on your bucket list? Learning how to play guitar should be simple, fun, and accessible, but with the average guitar costing $600 — lessons not included, you might feel inclined to delay that Fender purchase.

Luckily, Zivix offers an interactive guitar trainer and instructional app that makes learning the guitar affordable, convenient, and fun. 

The Jamstik Guitar Trainer features an 18-inch tactile directional pad with spring-loaded strings and a matte finish that'll give you a realistic feel, similar to a standard guitar neck. In addition, the device is lightweight and small, allowing you to carry and practice with it anywhere you go and whenever you feel inspired. Its sleek design could even make for an eye-catching nightstand decor piece.

The Jamstik tool is unique because it comes with an interactive, self-taught companion app that's easy to follow and will guide you through all aspects of playing. In addition, the app is filled with cord notes and instructions, which you can view and save in real-time, interchangeably across your iPhone and Mac computer screens.

Training is conducted with AI-generated exercises that unlock new levels of content the more you progress. For example, create your preferred song library while you scroll through and jam out to full-length songs, setting your highest scores to date. In addition, your personalized profile will track your achievements and note stats on your strongest cords, practice streaks and total notes played. Check out the action here:

Get in tune with your inner guitarist by purchasing the ultimate guitar self-training tool and app. The Jamstik Guitar Trainer is now on sale for only $189. 

Prices subject to change.