The delicious sounds of Roy Ayers

There's nothing that rounds out a track like a hefty bass line. I know that bassists are usually the butt of jokes in the music world, but their role in songs—and my affinity for them-is essential. Outside of the percussion section of a tack, the bass gives a song its soul. As a result, I'm incredibly partial to funk music and the primal energy that its bass lines evoke. One of the greatest masters of funk music is the talented vibraphonist Roy Ayers.

Ayers' body of work is extensive and highly influential in various genres. Over a career spanning several decades, Ayers' credits and accomplishments have grown too unwieldy to list in a single blog. Luckily the video linked above serves as a brilliant introduction for the uninitiated to Ayers' work. Also, the video delves into one of the sexiest bass lines ever put to wax. If you're not looking to expand your family, I suggest you avoid this video's power.