Here's an audio pick me up from Judy Garland and Gene Kelly

It's a shame that musicals have lost their place in contemporary Hollywood outside of a few outliers – including Bollywood, Disney flicks, and the occasional Family Guy cutaway. Although they're far from my favorite genre, musicals provide an uplifting respite from the gnawing ennui that frames the human experience. In an era that's utterly devoid of pure comedy films, you'd think that musicals would make a triumphant return. La La Land's success should have all but guaranteed a musical revival, but alas, the well still runs dry. I guess we just have to go back to Hollywood's golden era to get our auditory pick-me-ups. 

In the video linked above, Judy Garland and Gene Kelly perform the titular song from the 1942 film For Me and My Gal. Whenever I have a rough week or break-up, I usually reach for the nearest peppy song to act as an emotional defibrillator. This is the song I chose today, and I hope the video gives you some chill vibes too.