Here's how to turn your love of puzzles into a million dollars

Calling all puzzle-lovers! Your relaxing hobby may very well become your ticket to a million dollars. We know: That sounds utterly crazy. But it's true! The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle by MSCHF doesn't just give buyers the joy and fulfillment of putting a puzzle together — it also offers a monetary prize when you finish it! That's right: Everyone who solves this puzzle is a winner. Best of all, two of those winners will walk away with a million dollars.

Here's how it works: Grab a copy of The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle, then build the 500-piece  picture. Dreams of cash aside, building this puzzle could make for a fun and soothing activity. After all, there's a keen sense of satisfaction that comes from putting every little piece in its rightful place. Next, take a moment to "ooh and ahh" over your creation when you're done. (Hint: it's a QR code.)

Then comes the best part. Open the camera on your phone or tablet and scan the QR code your puzzle formed, and MSCHF will reveal the winnings you can claim. It's important to remember there are no losers in this puzzle. You can win $1 or as much as $1 million. How fun is that?

Some things to keep in mind: You must be 18 years or older to accept your prize money. Of course, if you're under 18, you can still piece the puzzle together, but you'll need an adult to claim the cash for you. When it comes to payment, you'll receive it within one to four days via a digital check that arrives at the email address you used when you ordered the puzzle. Then, print it out or deposit it via your mobile banking app. (You can also have a printed copy of the check mailed to you if you'd prefer).

Ready to test your luck and your puzzle skills? Buy The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle by MSCHF for $30.

Prices subject to change.