Ari Aster and the Safdie brothers gush over Martin Scorsese

Watching experts talk shop can either be edifying or alienating. If you're in or, at the very least, a fan of the industry being discussed, you can enjoy a dialogue between seasoned masters. Not only do you garner entertainment from it, but their insights on the unseen mechanics that govern their vocation can also elucidate the field for you in unexpected ways. Eavesdropping on one conversation between masters can change how you interface with your profession or hobby forever.

In contemporary cinema, it often feels like there's a dearth of visionary directors under 40. I'm not talking about competent directors that know their way around a camera; I'm talking about visionaries akin to Kubrick and Wilder. In that regard, Ari Aster and the Safdie brothers exist in rarefied air. The three directors each possess an uncanny communion with the camera and those in front of it. However, they still look up in reverence at Martin Scorsese.

In the video above, you can watch the three directors talk shop about Scorsese and the field of cinema. Hopefully, the conversation will provide you with a deeper insight into the process of making films.