Cyclist wins part of race before running over his wife, sending her to the hospital

A cyclist won the third stage of an annual road race in Colombia before running over his wife, sending her to the hospital. Luis Carlos Chía can be seen on video (:34 below) victoriously holding his arms up while finishing first in part of the challenging Vuelta a Colombia. The clip then cuts to he and his wife both lying still on the ground.

His wife, cyclist-turned photographer Claudia Roncancio, had been photographing him when he plowed into her, according to Canadian Cycling. Chía was injured but was able to limp away while Roncancio was left momentarily unconscious before seeking medical attention, which included stitches to her head.

Oddly, although the racer admitted his brakes didn't respond, he also seemed to blame his wife for the accident, saying "She knew there was going to be a sprint finish and I don't understand why she didn't get out of the way," according to Yahoo!.

Fortunately, she is said to be "doing better."