These videogames are queer

Along with TV and movies, videogames are slowly (albeit too slowly) catching up to reality with representations of diversity including LGBTQ+ characters. In celebration of Pride Month, Wired's Reece Rogers rounded up "8 Queer Video Games Worth Playing." Here are a couple:


A PlayStation exclusive at launch, Bugsnax is now available on PC as well as Switch and Xbox consoles. It's a casual game that a wide variety of people may enjoy. You play as a journalist attempting to investigate odd occurrences on Snacktooth Island. The game's opening minutes incorporate a nonchalant moment of queer affection, and Bugsnax has a nonbinary character. "In short, asking queer creators to be part of the process is a great way to arrive at inclusive practices," said creative director Kevin Zuhn in an interview with with Rock Paper Shotgun.

Caper in the Castro

Possibly the first LGBTQ+ video game released, Caper in the Castro was created by a member of San Francisco's queer community in the late '80s to raise money for those impacted by the AIDS crisis. Originally shared on bulletin board systems among the community, the game let's you play as a lesbian investigating the disappearance of a trans woman. The title card for Caper in the Castro reads, "It's not just a game … it's a gayme!" A fascinating piece of history, this point-and-click adventure was considered lost for years until floppy disk copies were uncovered and made available to the public through emulation.