Score this headlamp for 21% off and never be without a burst of brightness

Summer is here, which means we're spending less time under blankets and more time under stars. And, while we're no longer chasing the sun quite as fast, sometimes random household chores do need an extra flash of light here and there. This One80 LED Headlamp will help you get the darker things done so you can get back to the vitamin D from natural light. Plus, this LED headlamp is discounted to just $50.99 or 21% off.

This LED headlamp is anything but one of those stupid things you saw your dad wear to do random housework when you were a kid (we still love you, Pops). Instead, it features 16 incredibly super bright LED lights that project a full 180 degrees of visibility for working under the hood of a car, camping, hiking, and other activities that might be hazardous without a burst of light.

In addition, it's completely adjustable and gives you a range of light up to 320 feet to the ground for an in-depth look at your project. And, because we know things get messy sometimes, the no-bounce design keeps things neatly in place, even if you're in the most precarious positions.

Speaking of dirty jobs, this lamp is also waterproof and dustproof, so you never have to fret if you get a little icky while getting the work done. But, if you'd rather be a lazy bones and get no strenuous housework done at all (we've been there), the headlamp is also helpful for nighttime reading, outdoor game nights, or sick games of flashlight tag on a summer night. (No, it's not just an activity for kids. Using this baby is actually playing the long game). And because it has six modes, you'll have the correct brightness level for whatever needs some shine.

Get the One80 LED Headlamp, which includes a rechargeable battery, charging cord, drawstring lantern bag, and belt for $50.99 (Reg. $65).

Prices subject to change.