Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt turns 26 this month

I had to make peace with a troubling fact, friends. I am an oldhead. In the world of Hip-hop, I'm a dinosaur that fondly remembers Lil Wayne as the most junior member of the Hot Boyz. Where once my opinions of the genre were seen as unassailable, they have currently become the rantings of an out-of-touch "boomer" that is — to use the modern parlance — lame as hell. 'Tis quite the burden to bear, yet I shoulder it without strain. For the truth is the truth: Drake's impact on the culture is nowhere near Kanye's. I don't care how many Tik Toks he's inspired.

However, there are still opinions that come down from the crumbling rap orthodoxy that I rebel against. For example, I don't think Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt is even close to ranking as one of his best albums. This month, Reasonable Doubt turns 26, and while it's as ill as it ever was, I think anyone that brackets the album in Jigga's top three is insane. Thankfully, HipHopDX's YouTube channel and underground rap legend Murs give me some backup in the video here.