First look at Amazon's PAPER GIRLS adaptation

Next month, Amazon Prime TV will release the first episode of Paper Girls, the phenomenal coming-of-age 80s time travel adventure comic by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang. Paper Girls launched right around the same time as Saga, and while that epic-fantasy-space-opera tends to get all the attention, Paper Girls is similar phenomenal, though in very different ways.

The basic setup is about 4 teenage girls in Cleveland, setting out on their respective newspaper delivery routes on the morning after Halloween, 1988. They're more like distant colleagues than friends, but their paths cross when they spot some costumed pranksters out for some mischief … which leads them into wacky hijinks involving a time machine, their future selves, some dinosaurs with iPods, and some other delightfully anachronistic complications.

The teaser trailer above is mostly for mood-setting, but Entertainment Weekly has some set photos (featuring Ali Wong as the elder Erin!) and an interview with the creators about the impetus behind telling a timey-wimey tale about a diverse group of teenage girls from the 80s.

Get ready for an '80s time travel adventure with first look at the Paper Girls TV show [Christian Holub / Entertainment Weekly]