Gaming visionary Hideo Kojima scrapped a project after watching The Boys

Very rarely will a work transcends its original medium and become stronger through adaptation. Usually, whenever a project ventures into a new medium, it suffers a significant drop in quality while simultaneously jettisoning the elements that made the source material so beloved. Consequently, Amazon Prime's The Boys exists in rarefied air. While gifted with a stellar premise, The Boys comic stumbles in execution by opting for cheap, shock humor and reveals instead of competent storytelling. Several critics that are familiar with both works have recognized that The Boys just works better as a television show

In addition to critics, other masters of narrative have taken notice of The Boys' impressive story. Video game legend Hideo Kojima- the visionary behind the timeless Metal Gear Solid series and Death Stranding– recently commented that The Boys caused him to cease production on a new game that bore similarities to Amazon Prime's dark superhero satire series. 

Hopefully, Kojima reconsiders, as there are innumerable properties that, barring a few surface or conceptual similarities, are distinct enough to exist concurrently. I mean, Invincible and The Boys are on the same streaming service for crying out loud. The Boys showrunner, Eric Kripke, responded to Kojima's tweet and offered the possibility of an official partnership.