Here's a weird secret about the first Playstation that you never knew

Have you ever thought of the perfect comeback, but it was several hours or days too late? Why does being in the heat of the moment limit our ability to respond so dramatically? Only a seasoned few among us know how to navigate stressful situations to come out the other side clean, but for the most part, humans, as a species, struggle with performing under pressure. About a decade and a half ago, one of the most stressful situations I can remember dealing with was accidentally deleting saved files on my Playstation memory card. It was definitely a first-world problem, but deleting hours of progress in a video game was a disheartening prospect for a kid.

In the video linked above, the YouTuber John Glasscock provided me with the tech equivalent of a delayed comeback to an insult. Glasscock shares a hidden feature in the Playstation that helps restore saved files that were deleted unintentionally.