Rowan Atkinson talks about his most iconic characters

On the Carlin on Comedy interview album, George Carlin claimed that comedians flourish when they discover how to use their bodies as unique comedy instruments. Some comedians, like Carlin himself, are gifted with brilliant writing and a keen mind. Other comics use their naturally humorous voice and body language to elicit a laugh. As the business behind comedy has become more transparent, the public has slowly begun to gravitate away from physical comedians. It may be anecdotal, but I feel like modern audiences only champion comedians that excel at writing a joke as opposed to strong performers that are only solid writers. 

But, as I say all of that, Rowan Atkison remains one of the biggest draws as a comedic actor at a global level, much of it on the strength of facial expressions and body language. His characters are icons that transcends culture. In the video above, Atkison sits with GQ's YouTube channel to discuss his various roles.