This iPhone app lets you scan your problems away, and it comes at a discount!

Let's face it. Most people need an assistant. Who doesn't want a little bit of help from time to time with things like organization? Unfortunately, especially with our current technology surplus, it can be a bit easy to fall behind and feel disorganized.

When scanning documents, in particular, it can be tough to figure out how to do it alone. Fortunately, right now, you can get the iScanner App: Lifetime Subscription at a hugely discounted rate if you are an iOS user! 

iScanner App is a digital tool that will make your life easier by solving every day, business, and educational tasks. It uses AI to produce high-quality scans of documents, educational materials, and to-do lists and helps to edit, markup, and share those same scans. What's more, you can use iScanner to help solve math problems. All of these features align to make it all but a requirement for accountants, realtors, managers, and lawyers. In addition, it comes with several scanning modes, including ID card and passport, QR code, count, math, and area, as well as a PDF scanner. 

All of this convenience in one simple app makes it no surprise that iScanner has such great reviews. It boasts a 4.5 out of 5-star rating on the App Store, and Gizmodo shared, "The iScanner app is yet another example of cleverly leveraging an always-connected camera to do more than just intelligently make photos look prettier."

Amongst individual verified users, the reviews are also fantastic, with one user enjoying its versatility, "Powerful and flexible scanner. Well designed. Lots of options." Another verified user was thrilled by the cost of the app, stating, "Great scanning app. This was a fantastic deal as so many apps are getting higher in cost for a monthly or sometimes even weekly cost."

Right now you can get the iScanner App: Lifetime Subscription for just $39.99. That's a 79% markdown from its MSRP of $199. But remember, the deal only applies to iOS users!

Prices subject to change.