Nobody has claimed ownership of the mysterious rocket that recently crashed on the moon

Last week, NASA reported that its Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter photographed a strange double crater on the Moon that was caused by a crashing rocket in March. Even as of today, nobody on Earth has claimed ownership of the rocket. Maybe on NASA forthcoming Artemis lunar mission, they can send someone to the crash site to look for any identifying marks, or extraterrestrial bodies. From the Houston Chronicle:

NASA stated that the two large masses on each end of the rocket may have caused the craters, but noted that the impact marks are highly unusual. Spent rockets, according to NASA, tend to have a heavy motor at one end and a lighter empty fuel tank on the other, scientists say. The space agency did not offer any guesses on what the additional mass was.

"Since the origin of the rocket body remains uncertain, the double nature of the crater may indicate its identity," NASA said in a news release.