This service retrieves your dead loved ones' tattoos and preserves them as framed mementos

If a loved one has died and you want to remember them by their tattoo, you can call Save My Ink Forever, an Ohio-based firm that retrieves tattoos from the deceased and then preserves and frames them for eternal display. Examples below. (It reminds me of the incredible image above, depicting famed post-mortem tattoo collector Dr. Fukushi Masaichi (1878-1956) whose collection is now held by Tokyo University.) From Vice:

"People who want this done, in essence, this is their funeral ceremony," Kyle Sherwood, the tattoo preservationist and COO of Save My Ink Forever, told Motherboard. "This means more to them than a church service."

Clients describe the area where the tattoo is located and what it looks like. Then a licensed mortician excises the tissue around the tattoo and sends it to Save My Ink Forever's Ohio lab, where Sherwood goes to work—a process that takes about three months. Sherwood will touch up and enhance the work, doing his best to return the tattoo to its original state.[…]

"The families' gratitude when they receive the piece and they're like 'Oh my God, you know, I feel like they're here, I saw that tattoo every single day and now I have a piece of that person with me,'" Sherwood explained. "Look, people take ashes and turn them into diamonds. In the Victorian era, they cut hair and made hair necklaces. This isn't any different."