TikToker "tricked the whole internet" with fake forehead tattoo

Last week, popular TikToker Ana Stanskovksy posted a video of herself receiving a large tattoo of her boyfriend's name ("Kevin") on her forehead. The video received widespread attention, garnering tens of millions of views, as well as a lot of criticism from people who told her that she was going to regret getting the tattoo.

But in a follow-up video, she admitted that the tattoo was fake, and wiped it away with a cloth, explaining her intention was to raise awareness about the permanence of tattoos and the potential for regretting them later in life.

Stanskovksy has numerous permanent tattoos on her neck, shoulders, and arms that she says she now regrets. Despite being warned by friends and family not to get tattooed, she got them anyway.

"I didn't listen, maybe because they didn't have any tattoos," she said. "But if there was a person covered in tattoos saying they regretted their tattoos, I would have listened."

She hopes the stunt will make people think hard before committing to getting tattooed.

"When people see me on social media, the first thing they notice about me is my tattoos," she said. "So if I influence people, I want to influence people in the right way."