Beyonce's team admits swiping San Francisco experimental musician Evicshen's "fingernail turntable needles" idea

In a video for British Vogue, Beyonce introduced her new song by putting her fingernails—outfitted with turntable needles—onto the spinning record. Neat idea… that her creative team swiped from hypercreative San Francisco experimental musician and instrument maker Victoria Shen (aka Evicshen) without giving credit. See the videos below. Upon seeing the Vogue clip, Shen said she "was totally gagged"and contacted Beyonce's art director Andrew Makadsi. From SF Gate:

"Sorry for this incident, the idea came from our director and we didn't do well on our end to check the background," Makadsi replied. "We will update the British Vogue credits, I would love to figure out a collaboration together in the future."

Shortly after, Beyoncé's publicist quietly came forward to apologize to Shen and let her know that credits have been updated to include her name, according to screenshots of the conversation shared with SFGATE. In the exchange, she asks Shen to take down her original Instagram post calling out British Vogue, and after Shen replies that she'd consider it if they made "proper amends," Shen says she was ghosted[…]

"The total dream is if Beyoncé let me rip the noise set in her mansion," she laughs. "I would be so like, 'This is it. I've made it, I can retire happy.'"