Supreme Court justices' houses reportedly blurred on Google Street View, making it easy to find them

The residences of Supreme Court justices have reportedly been blurred on Google's "Street View" feature. This "privacy" feature has the exact opposite effect on these dwellings, highlighting them for protestors—a crystal-clear example of the Streisand Effect in action.

The court is hoping to stop these protests against its recent decision to strip Americans of their right to abortions, a ruling which takes aim at the constitutional right to privacy upon which Roe v. Wade depended. As the court has ruled in recent history that protestors have a first Amendment right to stand feet away from people, screaming at them, the court offers itself another credibility problem to contend with.

Further in the case of Fucking Around v. Finding Out, Justice Kavanaugh's enjoyment of dinner was disrupted by protestors at a restaurant, leading him to skip dessert and depart through the back door. Sadly for him, an originalist interpretation of the Constitution reveals no right to parfait at Morton's Steakhouse either.