One of the coolest versions of Rush E you can find on the internet

Anything can become a competition if you try hard enough. There's been a meme circulating in the music community for a while known as Rush E. The song was initially perceived as a piece of music that would be "impossible for a human being to play." With the internet being the internet, several musicians threw their proverbial hats over the wall and took the challenge head-on. And, lo, thus began a meme war. Before you knew it, pianists were all attempting to outdo one another with renditions of Rush E that were increasingly more polished than the last. However, the one linked above might be my personal favorite version. 

The Instagram music duo of Arsenet and Jonas threw their hats over the wall and performed a version of Rush E on piano and flute, accompanied by a video of Line Rider providing an interpretation of the sheet music. If you dig the video, Arsenetjonas also have a host of videos that feature them scoring classic video game songs on their page.