Family secretly living in Nevada children's museum had a cache of guns and other weapons

Carson City, Nevada arrested a custodian at the Children's Museum of Northern Nevada who they allege was secretly living with his wife—a museum manager—and two young children inside the building. Police also found a cache of weapons, including an AK-47, short barrel rifle, multiple handguns, ammo, silencer, knives, and a taser. From the Associated Press:

Officials realized the family was living in the museum after the man's 2-year-old child was spotted walking nearby unsupervised, the Carson City Sheriff's Office said. It was not the first time police interacted with the man over his child being left alone. But this time, the toddler's older sister gave deputies the museum as their address.

Authorities, along with a museum board member, then walked through the property and saw signs people had been living there. Sleeping bags, mattresses, clothes and food were among the items found in areas off-limits to visitors, the sheriff's office said.

The museum has been closed to visitors since the arrests.