New Star Wars documentary features a rare interview with editor Marcia Lucas

The VICE docu-series Icons Unearthed just aired the first episode of a new multi-part saga about Star Wars. That's all good and well, but what makes this one stand out is that they managed a rare, nigh impossible feat: they scored the first-ever on-camera interview with Marcia Lucas, George's ex-wife, who also edited the original trilogy, who does not shy away from her honesty.

I'm particularly excited about this because the last time I posted here about how Marcia was the true unsung hero of Star Wars, I received this lovely message from a fan:

If me linking to a video that specifically demonstrated the ways that Marcia's edits improved upon George's screenplay, then I can't wait to find out what kind of dirt this new documentary might dig up.

I believe you need a subscription to ViceTV (or another network that airs their stuff) to watch, though I suspect that some of the clips will be making the rounds sooner than later.

Icons Unearthed: Star Wars