How LaCroix prefers you pronounce its name

Jean Jacques Saurel's pronunciation of la Croix in Wolf of Wall Street, echoed what I had thought was the proper pronunciation of LaCroix the sparkling water brand:

Rugrat: Shall I check if tanks are rolling down the Rue de la Croy?

Saurel: Yes. Rue de la Croix.

Rugrat: Croix. Croix.

Saurel: Not Croy. Not Rue de la Croy. It's Croix.

I use the past tense in my earlier statement, because after consulting the oracle at Google, I found out that I had been wrong all this time.  I can however take solace after seeing this Q&A listed at the top of the most popular question in the Nutritional Facts & FAQ section of LaCroix's webpage:

How is 'LaCroix pronounced?

La-CROY. It rhymes with 'enjoy'

As someone with a double vowel for a last name, I have to admit that I understand the frustration associated with mispronounced names.  By the time I got to High School, I had given up on correcting people, and instead started pointing finger guns and congratulating them for getting it right, regardless of the pronunciation used.  Now my problem isn't LaCroix's pronunciation, but rather stifling the urge to get all pedantic while going all r/todayilearned, like I've done with this post.