They found a hidden Van Gogh self-portrait while performing an X-ray on another painting

The worst part about getting into an artist, irrespective of medium, is running out of new material. When I first became a Lauryn Hill fan, I was disconsolate to discover she only produced one studio album as a solo act. I felt like I had to ration rotations on the record to preserve my enjoyment for future decades. I have similar experiences with all artists I fall in love with. 

After watching National Geographic's Genius miniseries on Pablo Picasso, I fell down the rabbit hole of admiring his work. Even as I was beginning to enjoy his art, knowing that Picasso left a finite, albeit sizeable, amount of work, I subconsciously started calibrating for the day when all his art would no longer be new to me. If only you could keep finding new art by your favorite creators forever. 

In the video linked above, the National Galleries of Scotland found a secret Van Gogh self-portrait on the back of "Head of a Peasant Woman" during an X-ray. Experts are currently trying to find a safe way to separate the two paintings as they're bound together with an adhesive.