Game Boy Camera M turns the classic kids' toy into a professional tool

Game Boy Camera (previously at Boing Boing) showcases photos taken with the Camera M, created by Christopher Graves (ko-fi). It's a Game Boy camera rehoused in a compact chassis with electrical upgrades, a backlit display and C mount lenses—a startlingly complete and professional mod that includes custom circuit boards, USB-C charging port and a leatherette covering. [via DPReview]

Photo: Christopher Graves

Back in December 2021, when I officially began working on this project (though one can argue its inception began when I first shared my Game Boy Camera photos online in the summer of 2018), it's little exaggeration that I obsessed over what was to become of the Camera M and its design. Honestly, I'm still very fixated. This was a completely personal, selfish project meant to create a solution for improving my skills as a modder and photographer. I'm self-taught and my work career is completely unrelated to these skills.Because of this, I'm very excited that so many of you are interested in owning a Camera M yourself! I want others to experience joy with not only something I've created, but with the amazing little Game Boy Camera itself. So, my goal is to eventually sell kits for DIY builds and a small number of complete units.