Toddler stumped she can't work the 'touch screen' on her dad's Game Boy

Try and try as she may, this little girl just can't figure out how to play her dad's Game Boy Color. She really can't be blamed though, as she was born into a world where touch screens are the norm.

This reminds me of two things.

1. When my now-12-year-old daughter was about seven, I got a new laptop. I opened it, booted it up, and she immediately pawed the screen like it was an iPad.

2. It also reminds me of this viral video from 2011 of a baby trying to use a magazine like an iPad.

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Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, who launched Wii, dies of cancer at 55

In a business where execs often lose touch with their audience, with development, & with the spirit of play, Iwata kept close to all these.