Police apprehend "Robin Hood in Underpants" who stole phones to give to homeless people

From AsiaOne:

A 23-year-old man who wore only underpants while breaking into Banana IT stores in Bangkok, some nine of them, to steal handphones was recently caught on Monday (July 4).

According to Bangkok Post, CCTV footage caught the male burglar, Jeh-isma-ae Hama, entering a Banana IT shop in Muang district of Nakhon Nayok at 3am the day before his arrest. 

The so-called "Robin Hood in Underpants" is actually a man named Jeh-isma-ae Hama. Thai authorities found nearly 100 phones in his rented room. According to The THAIger, Hama pleaded guilty, telling the police that he typically gave the phones away to homeless people in need. He also offered some other insights into his modus operandi:

Mr. Underpants has already pleaded guilty to his crimes, which are caught on CCTV in all cases. He told police…

"I only steal from BANANA stores because I like bananas and I like the colour yellow. I like to take my clothes off and I like to only wear underpants. It gives me a feeling of confidence and I feel like myself. In 2021, media in Yala province called me a psychotic thief. I didn't like that, so I stole a camera too."

You know what they say: not all heroes wear capes pants.

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