Dog dutifully listens to Michigan police officer to help rescue her owner who fell through ice (video)

A dog named Ruby teamed up with a Michigan State Police officer to save her 65-year-old human, who had fallen through ice.

Police Officer Kammeron Bennetts quickly arrived at the scene after a witness called 9-1-1, but found he could not safely reach the struggling man. So he grabbed a disc and a rope, and enlisted Ruby, who was helplessly standing on the ice next to the man, to be his assistant.

Upon hearing her name, Ruby dutifully ran to the officer, who asked her to take the disc and rope over to the man. Ruby did exactly what she was told, delivering the life-saving tools to her buddy. The man then listened to Bennetts instructions, grabbing onto the disc and kicking his feet, until Bennetts was able to pull the man to safety. (See video below, posted by MSP Seventh District.)

According to CBS, the man, who had been in the water for about 16 minutes, was then rushed to a local hospital, and was later sent home. As the Michigan State Police's X post says, "Great team work and well done!"