Listen to The Rock recount the moment that changed his career

Greatness is rarely ever achieved accidentally. The amount of intentionality necessary to not only pursue a dream but also capture it is staggering. Ascending to the top of any field is difficult enough, and only a select few are privileged enough to attain such success. However, reaching the apex of two fields in one lifetime is nigh impossible. There are not enough hours in the day, and somehow, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has found a way to do just that. 

After conquering the wrestling world, at the industry's objective peak in cultural relevance and profit, The Rock casually sauntered over to Hollywood for an encore. This weekend, The Rock's Black Adam will easily be the star attraction in DC's film presentation for San Diego Comic-Con since Ezra Miller decided to lose their mind. With his long-rumored role as Black Adam finally coming to fruition, I thought it'd be cool to watch The Rock recount the moment that helped launch him into WWE superstardom. Aside from being a fun yarn, the story is an incredible example of how authenticity is one of the most important traits one can possess.