Eye of the Tiger shot to number one on this day in 1982

The right song can make all the difference in a workout. There's a restorative power that exists inside of music notes that can help one shatter mental barriers during a sweat session. However, not all exercises and songs pair perfectly. If you're trying to power through the wall on a treadmill, a pop song will do wonders to keep your energy up. When you're trying to transcend a personal record while deadlifting, a metal track might be the best auditory version of steroids available. Very few songs translate to every variant of exercise. 

And then some tracks pair well with every workout. Irrespective of the exercise, Survivor's Eye of the Tiger never fails to endow the listener with enough motivation to finish a set with strength. On this day in 1982, the world truly recognized the power of this classic workout jam when the song shot to number one on the Billboard charts for six weeks.