This video of Glenn Greenwald fawning over Alex Jones is a stronger emetic than syrup of ipecac

I'm not sure where this video was shot. It shows chronically aggrieved journalist Glenn Greenwald interviewing Alex Jones on stage in front of a live audience. Greenwald starts out by gently warning Jones that he's going to ask him a question about Sandy Hook, but then launches into a stomach-turning, sycophantic apologia for Jones' reprehensible smear campaign against the parents of children who were murdered in the 2012 school shooting that killed six adults and 20 children.

Here's a transcript of what Greenwald said to Jones. It's almost unbelievable, but given Greenwald's strange journey from respected journalist to crabby defender of all things MAGA, we shouldn't be too surprised.

I have no interest in doing that. I don't give a shit what the expectations are. It would bore me if I tried. You've talked about it extensively for people who are interested in it. You've been deposed about it. You've talked for hours about it. People interested in particulars can go watch that if they want. I'm not going to jump through hoops in order to like appease people angry that I'm here. I do, though, want to ask you about a question that I'm actually interested in myself, which is, you know, you have just said that you have made mistakes. Obviously, one of those is the stuff you said about Sandy Hook. We watched you in the film come very clean about the fact that you made statements that turned out to be untrue. You've obviously spent a lot of kind of reflective time. It's like the soulful Alex Jones we got to see in the last part of the film. What is it that you think caused you to do that? I mean, you referenced some things I you know, and I just I identify with it myself that when, you know, people who lie for a living are telling you that you're a liar, when people who are whose job it is to spread disinformation are accusing you of doing that, you kind of want to dig in a little bit and, and not give an inch to people who, you know, are criticizing you in good faith. But what is it about kind of how social media works, about how groups function? Have you thought about some of the psychological and cultural dynamics that led you to make some of those mistakes in Sandy Hook?

Soulful Alex Jones made mistakes.

Hand me a barf bag.

And what kind of warped mindset does one have to have to accuse journalists who criticized the outrageously dishonest Jones as disinformation spreaders "who lie for a living?"

We don't get to hear Jones's full answer to Greenwald's ridiculous question, but Jones's first sentence is what you'd expect from a megalomaniac like Jones:

"Well, sure, think of this like 1000-page book, and Sandy Hook in my life is like a quarter-page. And not putting down the kids that died or any of that –"