Chucky doll walks down street horrifying passersby — but it's just a 5-year-old in costume (video)

Three women were driving home from work in an Alabama neighborhood when they were faced with their biggest nightmare: a real-life Chucky on the sidewalk. They all began to scream as they circled around a couple of times to get a better look at the killer doll from the horror film "Child's Play." (See video below.) Fortunately, it turned out to be a five-year-old in last year's Halloween costume enjoying just a bit of, well, child's play.

From Today:

[Kendra] Walden said she thought she was hallucinating.

"When we got closer to him we saw that it was real," she said. "It scared the heck out of us."

Walden told TODAY that everyone in the car was "screaming like little kids." …

"When we circled back around (the boy) had his mask off, but quickly popped it back on and crossed the street after we passed," Walden told TODAY. "We turned around again and that's when we got the photos."

Walden uploaded three photos to her Facebook page of the encounter.

"Dear Parents of the little boy in the chucky costume in Pinson," Walden captioned the photos. "GET YOUR KID….I almost had a heart attack."

The boy's mother eventually saw the Facebook post and assured everyone that yes, it was her son having some fun, and yes, his grandmother was nearby watching out for him the entire time.

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