News station reports on horror-themed 'Chucky Cheese' arcade as if it were real

There's a Chuck E. Cheese family entertainment center for horror fans? Well, not really. Last November, Mixed-reality Artist Siriu$, also known as Cabel Adams, created virtual art for a "Chucky Cheese Pizza Arcade & Bowling," complete with a giant Chucky doll wielding a knife in one hand and a pepperoni pizza in the other. But his 'child's play' seems to have fooled WGN-TV in Chicago because they just reported on it as if it actually exists. I mean, the concept IS feasible and Siriu$ went the extra mile by getting footage of an adult dressed in a Chucky costume playing games at a real Chuck E. Cheese. I asked him if the station checked if it were real. "They didn't…I assumed they knew…guess not."

Listen to this interview to get the backstory: Eugene virtual reality artist spoof of Chuck E. Cheese pizza arcade goes viral