Dan Savage and Doctor Carlton Thomas discuss monkeypox

Monkeypox is spreading across the globe and throughout the United States. There's a lot of misinformation and confusion out there, but we know a few things for sure: official case counts are lower than the actual numbers of cases currently out there, cases are rising, we don't currently have enough vaccine to keep up with demand and need, and anyone—any age, any sexual orientation, any gender identity—can get monkeypox although, as sex educator and activist Dan Savage and gastroenterologist Dr. Carlton Thomas discuss, it's definitely currently spreading in the gay community.

On the latest episode of Savage Lovecast, Dan and Dr. Thomas discuss how current public health discourses and practices are framing and shaping the monkeypox pandemic, how monkeypox is transmitted and treated, how folks who have contracted monkeypox are experiencing it (spoiler alert: it's REALLY painful), and how we all might respond to keep ourselves and others safe and healthy in this current monkeypox reality. The Savage Lovecast website provides an overview of the episode:

We're putting out a special extra show for you all. It is becoming clear that monkeypox is spreading quickly through the gay community, and that the national response has been disorganized and unclear in its messaging. Dan spoke with Dr. Carlton Thomas, a gastroenterologist, who has been treating gay men, and attests to how painful this disease can be. The two talk about the disease, dispel some myths, and discuss the danger of anonymous, multi-partnered sex right now. 

The conversation is incredibly informative, and is a great primer for anyone interested in learning more about the current state of monkeypox. Doctor Carlton Thomas is also terrific and has been providing tons of great public health advice on his Instagram and TikTok—you should definitely go check him out. And stay safe out there, folks!