Why is the Brazilian Butt Lift such a dangerous procedure?

Watching the world's growing obsession-no pun intended-with butts is interesting from a Black perspective. I can clearly remember a time in the 90s and 2000s when having a more prominent posterior was only viewed positively in Black and Latin communities. That isn't to say the trait was only confined to those two races, but it definitely wasn't as universally celebrated as it is now. Today, scrolling through any social media app feels like browsing through a call sheet for female extras in a rap video. Butts have come out on top.

With the increased attention placed on the rear, women who feel insecure about their rumps have turned to surgery to compensate for their genetics. The surgery of choice is the infamous Brazilian Butt Lift. In addition to sounding like a pro wrestling maneuver, the procedure is hazardous and costs several women their lives. In the video linked above, Vice explains why the surgery is so dangerous.