Control your home security from anywhere with this smart door lock for only $80

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Imagine if your door automatically unlocked when it sensed you approaching? With the BOSMA Aegis Smart Door Lock, you'll never find yourself frantically searching for your house key in the pouring rain ever again. 

Whether your hands are full of shopping goods or you can't find your keys, the BOSMA smart lock will make getting into your house easier. This WiFi-enabled smart lock detects your phone's Bluetooth, unlocks your door, and re-locks it once it's closed. If you accidentally left it open after bringing in your grocery haul, an alert will let you know! And if anyone ever tries to break in, an automatic alarm will trigger and notify you immediately. Doubling as an easy-open lock and security system, this gadget is a simple way to upgrade your home's technology features. 

The BOSMA app offers a user-friendly experience to control your home security directly from your phone. Forget to lock the door? No problem, open your app and secure the premises no matter where you are! If you're expecting guests and need to let them in, you can create temporary passcodes for keyless entry. Forget the hassle of making extra keys or hiding them under a rock facade. All they need is the secret code, and they're in! 

The system can be installed in under 10-minutes without changing the indoor side of the deadbolt. Grab a screwdriver and get to work — your new lock will be activated and ready to go in no time. Take advantage of the hands-free functionalities by connecting it to the BOSMA Sentry system, and unlock the door with a fingerprint, motion detection, or facial recognition. Gone are the days of fumbling with keys in the dark because this high-tech smart lock will always end your day with an effortless entrance. 

Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa, this system keeps your life in sync. The BOSMA Aegis is the #1 Rated Smart Door Lock on the market and can control it anywhere, anytime. 

The BOSMA Aegis Smart Door Lock is on sale for $99.99, but you can use code SMARTLOCK for an additional $20 your order if placed during July and August 2022.

Prices subject to change.