Japanese police crack down on aggressive monkeys, killing one of them

Following attacks on at least 42 people in Japan's Yamaguchi prefecture, police have taken up arms in a bid to quell the insurrection of macaques. One among them has already been put to death, though tranquilizer darts are still the weapon of choice for tackling the roaming "gangs".

Officials in Japan have put down a monkey they say was part of a gang of macaques terrorising the city of Yamaguchi for weeks, according to reports. The Japanese macaque, which is sometimes referred to as a snow monkey, was euthanised on Tuesday after specially commissioned hunters used a tranquilliser gun to sedate it, The Guardian newspaper reported.The monkey, believed to be four years old, was identified as responsible for at least one of the many attacks

None of the injured humans have been killed or seriously maimed. Yet.

One local took a photo of a macaque peering through their window.

The macaque can be seen clutching onto a railing of a door as it observes the interior of a house for about 10 seconds before walking away.

Image: Public Domain via PxHere