Video: Cops pry off a front door lock before realizing they got the wrong house

Two overzealous cops and a third companion in Land O' Lakes, Florida went up to the front door of a house when nobody was home and took it upon themselves to pry off the lock. They saw nothing wrong with busting into a house while the residents were gone in the name of evictions. Only problem was, they got the wrong house.

"Hello? What are you doing" a woman's voice said over a security intercom.

"Uh, we're here to finalize the eviction."

"What eviction!?"

After a bit of back and forth, a bit heated on her side, the cops sheepishly realized their mistake. Turns they not one out of three grown men had read the address correctly. Good thing she had a security system that allowed her to intervene before she came home to an empty house.

Read more details at Tampa Bay Times.

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