This home security camera uses AI to shoot visitors with paintballs and tear gas projectiles (video)

Introducing the PaintCam — a nightmarish fusion of facial recognition, tear gas, and paintball guns to deter package thieves and unwanted visitors.

This security camera uses AI to detect intruders, bark orders at them through a speaker, and if they refuse to comply, launches volleys of paint or tear gas canisters right at their face.

The contraption comes with an app to ping your phone so you can remote control the violence from the comfort of your sofa. "If an unknown face appears next to someone known – perhaps your daughter's new boyfriend – PaintCam defers to your instructions," the company proclaims. What better way to meet your child's partner than by tear gassing them in the driveway?

Porch pirates are a nuisance, but launching chemical attacks in residential areas is an overreaction that could seriously injure innocent people. The fact that this is being marketed as a legitimate home security product is deeply disturbing. Do we really want to live in a world where the simple act of approaching someone's doorstep could be met with violent retaliation from an automated weapons system? The "deterrent" here is essentially assault, based solely on an AI's questionable judgement of someone's face and intentions.

Via: Core 77

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